My yoga practice began over 10 years ago, after which it quickly became a daily lifestyle – a way of thinking, feeling, coping, and living. I have had the opportunity to practice and casually teach in various parts of the world, never leaving my mat at home while away.

Encouraged by my mother, also a yoga instructor, I was certified in 2012 in Costa Rica as a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor, 200hr RYT, under the expertise of Vidya Heisel.

My teaching style is a graceful and challenging flow. As is most vinyasa, my classes are loosely based on the Ashtanga series with a dance-like element. Music is nearly always incorporated into the experience, and my students have become accustomed to deep assists and personal recommendations to deepen their own practices.

I then progressed to writing articles for online publications such as Yoga International.
We Are Yogis
A Trip Abroad with my First Yoga Teacher
Practicing Yoga with a Broken Heart
Three Common Misconceptions about Yoga
Create and Maintain a Practice for the New Year

When not home in warm and sunny Miami Beach, Florida, I am fulfilling my other passion of exploring the world. An avid explorer since 2009, I am now a full time travel planner for Craft Travel Group.


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