Tacking Trash in East Little Havana. The New Tropic.

About 5 years ago Corinna Moebius, cultural anthropologist, author and longtime Little Havana tour guide, noticed an increase in, well, trash. In the four previous years she had lived there, occasionally neighbors would put usable, unwanted household items on display prior to collection day, but it was a rare occurrence. As the recession escalated, the amount of discarded items seemed to spin out of control, she said.

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We Are Yogis. Yoga International.

How I Learned to Go Beyond My Comfort Zone and Speak the Language of Union.

I’m late and I’m lost. Not completely, but its 9:53 and I can’t find the correct street. I ask a man for directions, which is so not like me. As an avid traveler, my rule of thumb is to find anything and everything on my own, no matter how long it takes, but under the current circumstance, I succumb to breaking it. With French instructions and a hand gesture, he directs me left. Gauche. I make a mental note to remember this for class, if I find the studio in time.

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How to Meditate – Getting Started. OM magazine.

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Anyone can meditate but some find it easier than others. If you’re a beginner meditator, or simply looking for a change in your practice, here’s a checklist of suggestions that may help:

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